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Who has never heard of Bermuda? We all know the myth of the Bermuda Triangle that discourages some travelers from exploring the archipelago on vacation. If that’s your case, you do not know what you’re losing because it’s really heaven. Most people just do not think it’s possible to go there.

Traveling to Bermuda travel

We will share in this blog post our experience during this exceptional stay and give you all our tips and tricks to inspire you and help you go on vacation on this string of islands in the Atlantic Ocean that are Bermuda . But beware; this dream destination is not for all budgets. While staying at the Hotel LA BERMUDAyou can enjoy the followings.

Bermuda – Dream Beach

We start this article with our inspiring 1-minute video to dream and show you how unique and heavenly Bermuda’s landscapes are.

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Live the America’s Cup in Bermuda

We have had the privilege of attending through Land Rover several rounds of the oldest sailing regatta in the world: the America’s Cup. The famous English car brand with this time Sir Ben Ainslie has been involved in the event for ages but has never won. Their R1 boat, which is 24 meters high, is the result of more than 35,000 hours of work. It’s unimaginable.

Crew of the Land Rover BAR in Bermuda

The first day, we attend aboard a match at the first semifinals of the challenger playoffs. In the program, the USA against New Zealand, then Japan against Great Britain. We are lucky; it is the Land Rover Bar team that wins the round against the US Defender Oracle. This is the euphoria aboard the match. Happiness is evident on the side of the Land Rover Bar team, the public come on the spot support and viewers from around the world who supports it.

Where is Bermuda on the planet? The map

The Bermuda Archipelago is the result of a volcanic eruption that took place 100 million years ago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This piece of land at the end of the world has all the characteristics of a paradise destination: white sand beaches, pink sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise water with 50 shades of blue. In addition, this dream destination has a whole history. Besides the activities on the water and in the water, one finds also his happiness on earth. We’ll talk to you later.

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